Sharing fellow COPA10 Members Flight to Mexico

Hello COPA10 members,

Fellow COPA10 member Harold Fast has shared a flight video and message with us from January. Hope you enjoy while social distancing. Stay Safe.

In January Doug Chisholm, joined Marjie and I on our flight to Loreto Mx. on the Mexican Baja peninsula. It was fun to have Doug as co pilot and taking pictures. Our original destination was to be Cabos San Lucas with a fuel stop and an over night in Loreto. However in Loreto we had a comfortable beach front motel with a restaurant and easy access to walking trails, boat tours to see sea birds, Dolphins, Sea Lions, and on land, guided bird watching tours. In short we ran out of reasons to go to the tip of the Baja, opting to stay in Loreto.

After some days Doug returned to Saskatoon on a commercial flight in time for Kathy and him to drive to Phoenix and Copper Canyon. As Doug has placed more than 300 geo memorial markers in northern Saskatchewan honouring war casualties, each with a video for the respective family’s archives, he had the skills to make this nine minute video of the trip from Saskatoon to Loreto.

I’m sharing this in part because it is a flying event with some neat scenery but also to suggest this might be a fun trip to do next winter. Marjie and I hope to return and use this GA friendly airport as a base. From Loreto one has easy access to whale watching, local flights along the Baja, an hour across to the mainland, the option to connect with their agriculture and maybe take some Spanish classes. In short lots to do, if you are interested let’s begin a conversation.



Video Credit to Doug Chisholm:

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