About COPA Flight 10

About Us

Our club is the local Saskatoon chapter of COPA National.  COPA Flight 10 includes aviation enthusiasts of all ages and abilities!  Members range from seasoned pilots who have logged thousands of hours to those with zero hours and who are just interested in flying.  By bringing together aviators with varying levels of experience, we strive to improve knowledge, skill and safety in the greater Saskatoon aviation community and beyond.

Our club promotes a friendly and social atmosphere where members can be inspired and COPA after Christmas party 2013 013encouraged by fellow aviation enthusiasts.  As we improve our flying skills and widen our horizons through community, we also benefit by enjoying the company of like-minded people.

We share a keen interest in the preservation, maintenance, promotion and accessibility of general aviation to all.

Our club organizes regular aviation-related activities like . . .

  • guest speakers
  • group toursSTARS tour Feb 16 2013 026
  • breakfast and lunch fly ins and fly outs
  • rust removers
  • “COPA for Kids” and “Young Eagles” fly days
  • Big Brothers/Little Brothers, Big Sisters/Little Sisters of Saskatoon fly day
  • annual northern fishing fly out excursion
  • annual get togethers for members and families

These events are all opportunities for members to get together to fly, tell “tall tales,” problem solve and enjoy the camaraderie of people drawn together by a common interest.

You do not need to own a plane or be a licensed pilot to join COPA Flight 10 but you may find that joining opens a whole new world of possibilities in the sky!

Benefits of Membership

  • Be part of an active flying club – you do not need to own an aircraft or be a licensed pilot to join COPA Flight 10!
  • Learn more about flying by being among a community of enthusiastic and inspiring aviators!
  • Club events – guest speakers, aviation-related tours, refreshments
  • Invitation to take part in all club events and excursions
  • Invitation to take part in all fly outs (as pilot or passenger)
  • Meet knowledgeable people with similar interests and enjoy great company!
  • access to PPAC membership directory
  • invitation to participate in our collective history by becoming an author on this blog

Meet the 2019 Directors!

Learn more about this year’s directors on “Meet COPA Flight 10’s Directors” page.

Join Us!

If you are ready to take that next step and become a member, please join us at one of our events.  Click this link for information about club fees and to complete our online registration form.


If you have questions for COPA Flight 10, please complete the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.