Meet COPA Flight 10’s Directors

The COPA Flight 10 directors submitted personal biographies and photos in the spirit of building relationships within our aviation community.  We hope that our sharing may inspire more members to add their profiles to our blog.

Harold Fast – COPA Flight 10 Captain

Harold Fast (Co-Captain)

Harold Fast, Spiritwood Sask.  Veterinarian turned pig farmer.  Founder of Fast Genetics (  Was fortunate to be able to use my plane for some business travel. Most flying is done in the three prairie provinces and into a NWT fishing lodge. Have made several trips to Mexico, one to Chile, a flying safari in a rented C172 in Australia, another planned this May around the UK ( Also planned, early in 2018, to circumnavigate South America, (, that one will be a major fund raising effort for Hope Air.


Connie Peterson – COPA Flight 10 Co-navigator

Connie Peterson (Co-Navigator) with Glasair Sportsman

Connie has always been very proud to have called Saskatoon home.  Being born and raised in Saskatoon her roots here run deep.  After obtaining her diploma in Accounting she worked for a number of years in an accounting office before starting with Gregg’s Plumbing & Heating where she has remained for 23 years.  Connie married Doug in 1986 and have two wonderful boys. Their family has always been very active with camping, fishing, snowmobiling and anything outdoors.  It is through Doug that Connie has become involved in the flying community. Doug is the one with the pilot’s license, however Connie is his favourite navigator.  They owned a Taylorcraft for a few years when they were first married and lived in Nipawin, however the move back to Saskatoon and two young boys forced them to sell the plane and give up flying for a few years.  By 2008 it was time to think about getting back in the air.  Living on an acreage enabled Doug to build a runway on the back 40 acres, shortly after they built a hanger. All they needed now was an airplane.  Connie kept saying they were building their field of dreams, “build it and they shall come”.  In 2011 it finally happened, they took a two week vacation of sorts and together they built their airplane through the 2 week to taxi program, and were now the proud owners of a shiny red Glasair Sportsman. They have never looked back, having made numerous trips to the mountains, a couple to Vancouver Island and lots of trips to northern Saskatchewan especially in the winter on skis for ice fishing.  Connie looks forward to her involvement with COPA Flight 10 and this brings with it.


Mike Schultz COPA Flight 10 Navigator

Mike bio pic.png
Mike Schultz (Navigator) and Shirley

Mike graduated from high school in 1993 and after a year at the U of S, Mike decided to join the International Agricultural Exchange Association program to Australia. This entailed doing farm and construction work. After returning, Mike moved to La Ronge, where he eventually was hired at Athabaska Airways. Athabaska Airways eventually became Transwest Air and Mike spent time flying Twin Otter, Cessna 185, 402 and Jetstream 31 aircraft. Mike joined WestJet in 2003 where he has been a Captain on the Boeing 737 NG for the last 10 years. Mike enjoys snowmobiling, spending time at the cabin with his wife Shirley and their two girls, Arielle and Isabelle, along with flying his Stinson 108-2 (built in 1947). Mike is looking forward to working with his fellow directors at COPA Flight 10 and to the new year.


Len Sharp COPA Flight 10 Director

Leo Kosokowsky COPA Flight 10 Director

Wes Hamm COPA Flight 10 Director

Danno Peters COPA Flight 10 Director

Bill Garnett COPA Flight 10 Director

Doug Freeman COPA Flight 10 Director

Bio’s and Pictures to follow  

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