COPA 182 Annual Rust Remover – April 6th, 2019 – Melfort


Hello folks, COPA Flight 182 is hosting their annual rust remover this weekend.  If you feel like heading to Melfort, this presentation will be well worth the flight or drive!

COPA Flight 182 Rust Remover Agenda.2019

  COPA Flight 182                 


Kerry Vickar Centre, Melfort, Sk.

206 Bemister Ave. East

Saturday April 6th, 2019


08:30 Coffee, registration, payment:    $40 cash or cheque only- cheques payable to COPA Flight 182

08:55 Welcome – COPA  Flight 182

09:00 Session 1     -Dave Lamb:   1.  Airmanship   2.  Pre-Ignition and Detonation and what you can do about engine issues.    Dave has over 22,000 flying hours

10:00 Break 

10:10 Session 2   -Shane Armstrong:  Saskatchewan COPA Director and current Board Chair. Meteorology review and Greetings from COPA

11:10 Break 

11:20 Session 3  -Shane Armstrong:  A review of Airspaces and Airport procedures.

12:20 LUNCH:         Will be provided

1:00     Session 4   -Harold Fast:  President of COPA 10 in Saskatoon.  He will present on Hope Air excursion to South America in 2018 and upcoming excursion opportunity to Yukon and Alaska in the summer of 2019 for interested pilots/passengers. 

1:50    Session 5 -Doug Chisholm:  Doug and a crew recently retrieved a Cessna 180 from the bottom of Peter Pond Lake.  He will talk and show photos of his excursion that was in March 2019. 

Remember to pick up log book rust remover certificate before you leave.  2 year recency requirement.

 R.S.V.P.  to Trent Rae at: or 306 921-7926. Need to confirm #’s for lunch.

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