New RAA 4901 Executive

Well it is 20167 already. I am looking forward to a great year of flying, building and comradery. Late in 2016 RAA 4901 had a meeting to vote in a new executive. I am happy to say that we are operating under an active executive. The new executive is listed under the RAA tab. We are still looking for a Vice President (Len are you reading this?)

In 2017 RAA 4901 will be focusing on events at different members hangars, discussions on building procedures and maintenance concerns. Meetings will be the first Monday of every month with the location of the meeting posted in the RAA section of this site.

Some ongoing tasks include: Life after the PPAC hangar, Preparing the Cristavia for the new museum, Possibly working on a general aviation display for the museum.


Do planes Really….. need an undercarriage. I think Ken is trying to decide.


  1. Thanks for your post and your leadership in re-energizing RAA4901. I look forward to renewing my membership and seeing the club grow and thrive again.

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