Game On! Director Election 2016

medium shane cub (1)Hi Everyone,

I had confirmation tonight that we are indeed having a Saskatchewan COPA Director election!

  • The second candidate is Mr. Michael Haydon who, I believe, is from the Swift Current area. Although I do not yet know Mr. Haydon, I look forward to meeting him as we begin our campaigns to bring you a new Saskatchewan representative for our COPA National Board.
  • COPA Members will be able to see our profiles and resumes on the COPA National website after February 24th and in the March COPA Flight news.
  • I will be getting out to see you all very soon and talk about a renewed direction for COPA that will build a stronger, and more vital organization for general aviation. Your input will be important for that vision, too.
  • It will be absolutely necessary to engage young people to keep our freedom to fly and I have some ideas and experience to do that!
  • I look forward to your support.

What can we do to help get more young people flying?  What can we do to grow our membership and keep COPA strong?


  1. Good Morning Shane, Greetings from Tennessee, but this time a road trip. Great that COPA is attracting interest and people willing to donate their time and skills to keep improving our flying experiences. When I have made it, I’ve enjoyed the flying activities you and Tammy have led, whether bringing your aviation students to the Northern Centennial flight, the big sister flights out of Martensville or just your leadership in the many flying activities we enjoy. As one in the background, thanks very much, Harold Fast


    • Hope you are having a great trip Harold! I’ll look forward to hearing about it when I see you again.Thank you for your kind comments and for your support.


  2. Shane, Karen and I are in Florida for the winter doing lots of flying. We have been COPA members forever and support the organization. We would love to see you in the COPA Sask Director position. You bring much to the table-Educator, Pilot,Aircraft Owner,Hanger Owner,Volunteer,Speaker,Organizer, Enthusiast. Our province will benefit from your representation. We will do anything we can to help you in this effort. Thanks for stepping up. We are lucky to have you.


    • Hi Dave & Karen, hope you have the wings back on the Albatross and are flying the heck out of it! Those new wings look fantastic by the way. Thanks so much for your kind words and support! We’ll stay in touch. Shane.


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