Blogging 101 with Tammy

Hi everyone,

Our COPA Flight 10 & RAA 4901 meeting Tuesday night will not involve any business – just a “techie Tuesday.”

When:  Tuesday, February 9, 7:30 p.m. – PPAC Hangar

TOPIC:  Blogging 101 (& other technical stuff) – with Tammy


  • laptop, iPad or other electronic device if possible
  • feedback and ideas about club communication


1.  Context for Change
2.  Current club technologies and possibilities:

3.  Blog vs. Website – What’s the Difference?

4.  How to Participate?

Questions, applications, discussions throughout . . .

What are your thoughts on club communication and technology?


  1. At the PPAC right now learning about blogging and Flickr From Tammy. She is teaching us how to post comments. Thank you for taking on this project Tammy!

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  2. I am sorry I missed it. I am looking forward to spending some time getting to know the blog and using it to promote our wonderful clubs!


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