COPA Flight 10 YXE Breakfast

After way too long, COPA 10 is holding a Fly-in Drive-Drive in Breakfast. The plan is to hold the event on the Purolator Apron Saturday August 28, 2021.

Before we advertise to the rest of the COPA universe we would like to have a meeting with potential volunteers and helpers. We will need the usual: Organizers, Cooks, Apron people and others.

Other than the date we have not yet decided on the exact details, hoping to have anyone interested in helping come to a meeting Tuesday night (19:00 hrs Aug 17th) at Hangar 31 behind Purolator. At that meeting we will make the decisions like what to cook? who can cook basically come up with the plan.

Please join us for the organizing meeting. If you need access through the Purolator gate call / text 306-221-0015 when you get to the gate and I will let you in.

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