Are you interested in flying out to B.C. a short or long trip!?

After having an excellent few presentations the past few weeks, the topic of expanding our horizons has become a congruent theme- with excitement to learn and fly down to B.C. this Spring/Early Summer!

So far it looks like there are a few people quite interested in flying out- whether you have a plane, or are “plane pooling” this is the perfect trip to learn together!

If you are interested, fabulous pilot Josh Duek will be starting an email thread for those who are interested contact him via email at : or click here:  

Josh is a commercially licenced, multi-engine endorsed pilot currently working on his Multi-IFR. He has quite a bit of experience, and is located in Prince Albert, a member of our COPA Flight in Melfort.Feel free to pass on the news: Are you interested in planning on a trip down to BC together?!A couple questions- feel free to reply or pipe up! No need to have an answer to all the questions- just first, contact Josh if you’re interested!

  1. Are you interested?
  2. Who would like to spearhead the email discussions, so we’re all in the loop- OR we can just reply all, and go with the flow, add people in as we go.
  3. Short Trip or long trip?
  4.  When are you thinking?
  5. Destinations: Where do we want to end up/how many miles to travel- where would you like to explore?
  6. Have you travelled to BC before? Please share your ideas?!

Thanks so much Everyone!

Blue Skies,

Candace 306-621-7181

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