COPA Updates from Director

The Canadian Owner and Pilots Association (COPA) has had a number of changes for the year 2020, including new personnel, newly elected Board of Director members and media partnerships. See below for information on changes and recent events for COPA national, and the COPA Saskatchewan area.


On June 22, 2020 COPA welcomed Christine Gervais as our new CEO and President. Christine holds more than 20 years of experience in the field as a commercial pilot, air traffic controller and level of service manager with NAV CANADA. Christine is excited to have taken on her new role, and to be working with each of our members. She is available to discuss ideas, suggestions and concerns.

COPA is additionally pleased to welcome two new members to the team. Peter T. Campbell has accepted the position of Director, External Relations and will be joining the team on October 19,2020. Peter holds a commercial aeroplane and helicopter pilot licence with Multi, IFR and Class 2 FI ratings with experience as a UAV pilot and Commander of the Task Force Kandahar. Lori-Anne Thibault has accepted the position of Communications Coordinator and will be starting October 26, 2020. Lori-Anne holds a degree in Public Relations and Communications from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Public Relations diploma from La Cité.

COPA’s Board of Directors had elections this year. Newly elected directors include Henry Vos and Ken Zachkewich for Alberta and the Northwest Territories, Brian Pinsent for the Maritimes, and Candace Pardo for Saskatchewan. The new directors are excited to serve their term as BOD governors and regional representatives.

COPA is actively communicating with Nav Canada and Transport Canada amidst the pandemic. Communications have included the Nav Canada new service changes and the temporary medical certificate extensions with Transport Canada. COPA’s work continues even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ANNEX BUSINESS MEDIA is additionally welcomed to COPA’s team, as the new publisher for COPA’s magazine and e -newsletters. Annex Business Media is the known publisher of the Wings and Helicopter magazines. Publications of COPA’s magazine and e-newletters will be covered by Annex immediately.

COPA has formed a younger generation group for members under the age of 35, COPA’s New Crew. New Crew initiatives thus far included pre-pandemic aviation event fly-ins/hang outs and the “GROUNDED” a bi- weekly web series brought in partnership with Ottawa’s COPA Flight 8 that discusses aviation topics of interest with experts in the field.

COPA National currently has over 14,000 members nation wide.


Saskatchewan COPA members cover 4.72 % of COPA National members nationwide and includes over 690 members provincially. Saskatchewan currently holds 8 flights, with the hopes of a new flight club emerging soon in the southern Saskatchewan area.

Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) Report for SAC 2020 AGM

To: Saskatchewan Aviation Council

From: COPA National Board of Director- Saskatchewan, Candace Pardo Date: October 18, 2020

Candace Pardo is the new COPA National Board of Director for Saskatchewan. She is a Class 3 flight instructor in Yorkton, the Saskatchewan Ambassador for Elevate Aviation and co-founder of Prairie Aviators. Candace has had the opportunity to meet with many of our COPA members, and is continually looking forward to meeting with each flight and COPA member across the province.

In the midst of COVID-19, many flights across the province have their monthly meets delayed, however COVID-19 hasn’t deterred aviation from taking flight, with local flights forming “lunch bag” fly -ins to encourage social distancing! Recent events were hosted at Melfort, North Battleford, Yorkton, and Swift Current.

At the three most recent fly-ins there were a variety of members and aircraft. North Battleford’s fly-in with the Grumman Association hosted over 20+ aircraft owner attendees, Yorkton’s fly in with Prairie Aviators hosted 23 + aircraft attendees and Swift Current led by Saskatoon members created a fly in with over 19+ aircraft attendees. Members, friends and family flew in and “plane-pooled” from all over Saskatchewan including Yorkton, North Battleford, Melfort, Weyburn, Esterhazy, La Ronge, Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw and Swift Current!

Regina COPA flight 4 completed their annual air rally with the Disley EAA Fly-In. This year to encourage COVID-19 safe practices, each bag that held the rewarding poker chips included hand sanitizer for all! It was a successful event with 22 participants and loads of laughter!

Candace and local flight captains across the province are merging a provincial COPA website and provincial social media accounts, to improve communications and inclusivity amongst members. The new website marks the first provincial site for COPA. Members in Saskatchewan will have the capability to actively engage with other members and flights by individually announcing events, accessing up to date contact information, flight captain articles/aviation resources and online social media groups (which can include GA discussions, events and buy/sell trades amongst SK members). Expected completion early November 2020.

Online meetings have been encouraged to flight clubs, along with encouragement for members to be aware of local airport COVID-19 precautions upon arriving at airports. Online province wide presentations/meetings with guest presenters will be kickstarted before the end of the year hosted by Candace and local flight captains.

In the future if you have any COPA related questions or ideas, feel free to contact Candace Pardo, Board of Director/Regional Representative for Saskatchewan or Christine Gervais, CEO and President. In the event you are unable to reach Christine or Candace, leave your contact details and they will be happy to contact you back. For Public Relations or Media, contact Christine Gervais or Lori-Anne Thibault. Follow and Chat with COPA and COPA Saskatchewan’s social media: @flyskcopa, @copanational, #flyskcopa #allforflight.

-Candace Pardo 

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