COPA National Contest

I need your help with promoting our search for a new name for our program for members aged 35 and under. I would very much appreciate if you could share our naming contest with the members of your Flight and area via social media, word of mouth, email, meetings, etc. to help spread the word.

We are accepting new name ideas from now until August 14, 2020 and suggestions can be sent to me by email: Any member in good standing who proposes the winning name will win a COPA swag bag. For inspiration, here is a description of the program’s activities so far:

The new name should capture COPA’s spirit and represent a new generation of members consisting of pilots, drone operators, student pilots and overall aviation enthusiasts. The program was previously called “NextGen”, but this name is already used by the FAA for their Next Generation Air Transportation System, so we need to find a new one. 

Thank you very much for your help. I have attached a poster that you can share with the members of your Flight to help promote the contest.

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