Zoom Call with new SK COPA National Director

Hello fellow Pilots:

Earlier this spring we elected our new COPA National director. Candace Pardo is a flight instructor from Leading Edge Aviation in Yorkton and was introduced at the COPA AGM a week or so ago. A unique AGM held via Zoom.

Candace is keen to introduce herself to our flying community so I offered to assist with an introduction by hosting a Zoom call for those able to join. Using the COPA National website I’ve copy pasted the email addresses of the Saskatchewan Clubs https://copanational.org/en/copa-flights/ , plus added the addresses of a few pilots. Some of the addresses on the COPA site may not be current so you are encouraged to reach out to club leaders to check they have received this invitation, and share with pilots you feel might be interested.

Our meeting objectives will be:

To introduce Candace to the eight COPA clubs in Saskatchewan and as many pilots as possible.
Explore what support / communication we can offer each other … aligning with the COPA strategic plan and our club flight needs.
Have the opportunity for a two way communication with COPA National.

The selected time is July 13 7 PM. Your invitation link is:


While not essential it will be appreciated if you could reply with your intention to join the call.

Harold Fast, COPA 10 Saskatoon Candace Pardo, cpardo@copanational.org

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