Fly in – Sunday May 24, 2020 – UPDATE

Please call Harold Fast prior to Fly-in to confirm runway condition will be suitable and that Fly-in is still on due to weather.

Harold Fast: 306-883-7857

Harold shared the following information:

The western end of runway 23 was drying up nicely from spring run off, we had ½” of rain Sunday night and the west end had standing water when I used it Tuesday.

With recent rain there was about 1300′ of the runway with standing water.

The runway is 2800’ so for those who know it. However if Sunday has an east wind, 05 is up hill with trees around our yard. Not a problem with reasonable HP but say 2 people in a 150 or even 172, and not familiar with area, that could be an uncomfortable take off.

As such it would be prudent if those flying in please call me first and I will give an update on how much runway has standing water or is soggy. If Sunday is not suitable people are welcome to fly out for a visit whenever we are here for those opting to wait for drier conditions. Just call ahead as we expect to be here as this summer our time in NWT is at best undetermined.

When: Sunday, May 24
Fly-in Location: CHM2 (near Spiritwood)
Time: 10am (landing)
Social distancing applies, bring your own drinks, snacks, etc.
Weather permitting

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