Aviation Days This Weekend May 25, 26

We are definitely hoping mother nature will be on our side this weekend.

In addition to the volunteering some of our members have signed up for  with the Museum, RAA and COPA  are joining up to highlight General Aviation. In that light we are looking for members of both clubs to put their airplanes on display and volunteer a few hours to work the club tables and provide security by our airplanes.

Please let me know if you can bring you plane so that we can arrange enough parking. Planes will need to be brought into the apron by the museum before 8:00 each day. Anything arriving after 8:00 will need to be towed in. Also please send a quick email if you can spare some time this weekend.

Yes the clubs will have coffee and donuts once you get here. The museum is also cooking pancake breakfast. Once you get to the Apron Marc D.will be marshaling the planes for parking spots.


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