COPA 10 AGM 2018 November 13th, 630pm at the Museum

COPA Flight 10 Members

A message from the Board of Directors:

We are planning for the wrap up of the 2018 year with two important events to be held on our usual meeting night of the second Tuesday of the month:

  1. The Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, November 13, and
  2. A Christmas Supper to be held Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

We are expecting a high level of attendance and participation at each event!

Just as a primer for these, we would like to highlight some of the activities of the past year. We had a number of presenters at monthly Tuesday socials beginning in December 2017 with Ryan from Saskatoon Avionics discussing instrumentation and ADS-B technology. We then had Wade Bourassa, pilot, from Saskatoon Police Service give a presentation on their police aircraft and work. Our own director, Danno Peters, gave a presentation on an international rocket program he participated in. That was followed by Kassia Clarke, instructor, from Mitchinsons addressing Women in Aviation. The following month, Doug Tomlinson provided us with guidelines for owner maintenance on aircraft. Director, Harold Fast, gave a presentation on the Americas flight for the Give Hope Wings charity. Danno presented again in June this time with some USSU colleagues involved in the MARS Rover project. September social was a guided tour of the SK Aviation Museum by Museum President, Dorrin Wallace and last month was a presentation from Lisa, a CASARA team member, on their work and training. All of the socials had free coffee and donuts for all and cupcakes compliments of Connie Peterson’s baking.

In addition, we had a number of special events:

  1. April 2018 Rust Remover
  2. May 2018 Aviation Days – Pancake Breakfast & Burger Lunch for Museum
  3. May 2018 ForeFlight Seminar – intermediate level and flight planning/filing
  4. June 2018 COPA 4 Kids
  5. June 2018 COPA National AGM – flight to Saint John, New Brunswick
  6. Sept 2018 Fly -a – Friend – Club fundraiser, burger, and Museum Tour

We also created new Name Tags for all members and a COPA Flight 10 Brochure and we are indebted to our director Wes Hamm, for kindly volunteering his wonderful spouse, Cori, to do all of that creative work!

We outline this as a guide to some of the things that happened this past year in order to assist you, the members, in providing guidance as to the planning priorities for 2019. 


We are planning the AGM for Tuesday, November 13 at 6:30 at the Museum. Note the start time of 6:30 as we are planning a BBQ and Pot-Luck ahead of the AGM. As we have some burgers left over from Fly-a-Friend we are planning to BBQ those but are asking Members to bring a small snack, salad, or dessert, which we will combine pot-luck style. Plates/forks/cups/napkins will be supplied. Coffee will be supplied. Beer and wine will be available for a small contribution. We will then have the meeting itself starting at 7:15pm.

POTLUCK: In order to plan a variety without duplication we are asking that persons wanting to bring something for the potluck plan as follows:

Last name A-G: bring salad for about 2-3 persons

Last Name H-L: bring appetizer/snack for about 2-3 people

Last name M-Z: bring dessert for about 2-3 persons.

There is no requirement to bring anything as we will have enough with just the burgers but thought we would give this a try! Keep the portions small to sample size if bringing anything!

The AGM Agenda: (plan 59 minutes) as follows:

  1. Call to order and Review of the past year highlights (5 Min)
  2. Financial information review and discussion (10 min)
  3. Message from COPA NATIONAL – Shane Armstrong (10 min)
  4. New Organizational outline and goals (5 Min)
  5. 2019 Membership Sign-Up data (3 Min)
  6. Proposed Acquisition of Trailer for BBQ Equipment (3 min)
  7. Membership input on priorities for new year (15 Min)
  8. Motion to amend the Flight 10 Constitution as it says AGM is to be every June (2 Min)
  9. Election of new directors (5 Min)
  10. December Christmas Supper reminder (1 Min)
  11. Adjourn

When thinking about the election of new board members and considering yourself volunteering as a director, this year we had eight directors. We met monthly on the third Tuesday of each month. As a result of conflicting schedules not all directors could be at all meetings. For this reason, we believe this is a very good minimum number for generating ideas and planning initiatives, and that 10-12 directors would be ideal. We will need new directors! Please consider offering your name in advance!

We have attached a new 2019 Member Sign-Up Form. As part of membership in 2019 we have asked for your area of interest in the four pursuits outlined in our Club brochure; that of flying, social, learning, and sharing. Inside the brochure some of the associated activities have been outlined. It is our brilliant hope to have the larger participation of the members in at least one of those areas of interest so we can generate new initiatives. We will have the 2019 Membership Sign-Up Forms available at the AGM meeting and again at the December Christmas Supper, or you can complete and bring with you. 

COPA Flight 10 Christmas Supper at Smiley’s

We are also planning a Christmas Supper for the December social. 

Spouses, partners, everyone, welcome!

 It will be Tuesday, December 11 beginning 5:30 pm to 9:00pm at Smileys Buffet on 42nd St. Tickets are $30 per person and available to anyone, but must be purchased in advance in order to secure the appropriate seating accommodation with Smileys. You can purchase tickets in advance at the AGM or contact director Leo Kosokowsky at cell: (306) 657-4050 or email


the Directors

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