Volunteers needed for Aviation Day May 26, 2018

Aviation Day is going to be an important event for the clubs. we have several things going on . In addition to the volunteers to look after the event listed below we need a few more people to work on the organizing committee’s for the two events. 3-4 more people will make the organizing a much easier process. Organizing meetings will be starting this week. Please email me if you can join us on the committee. bhewlett@sasktel.net

  1. As a combined event we will be supplying the labour and equipment for the food tent. This will be similar to the Vimy Days event. We need volunteers to man the BBQ’s and run the cashier tent. This will be a god fundraising event.
  2. The clubs would like to show off our planes to show people that there is fun to be had at the private plane level and to highlight our clubs. We will need a few volunteers to man the table, work security at the coral and more important we need you to bring you planes to exhibit in the RAA / COPA Club Coral.
  3. Please sign up on the following document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Xvoc_UZkc0tN1sseJYRM8Nu1I3_xacFs9hETAJ93Y5M/edit?usp=sharing

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