Give Hope Wings!!

Hey folks, COPA 10 has received an update from our Co-Captain, Harold Fast, on his adventure down to South America and back.  For those of you that were able to attend our December 2017 COPA 10 Social you will have met fellow aviator, Dave McElroy.  Harold and Dave are part of a team fundraising for Hope Air, a national charity that arranges free flights for Canadians in financial need who must travel to healthcare far from home.

Here is his update:

Greetings COPA directors;
Sharing a few pictures with you of the Aero club de Santiago Chile.
Hoping to post 3 videos showing the clubs trimmed gardens, tennis courts, adult and children swimming pools, white table restaurant and our door patio.
This old Luddite needs help with posting on Facebook, so might not happen for awhile.
This club kinda sets a standard COPA 10 Saskatoon could strive for!
Lots of stuff posted on if members are interested in following and seeing some of scenery and great Aero people we are meeting.




Below are Wings 1 (Dave McElroy) & Wings 2 ( Russ Airey) waiting for taxi clearance followed by formation take off

As we over sold one leg, Marjie came to Santiago where I gave up my seat on GHW, we will visit friends in Paraguay, then catch up with GHW crew in Buenos Aires

Life is pretty good at this Aero club, more on our website


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