Oshkosh 2016

A few pictures from our trip to Oshkosh this past summer. A bit late in posting, but it is never too late when it involves airplanes

Below is the Martin Mars dumping a load while at Air venture this past year. Must say it was one the hi-lights of the trip.


Above are a few Howard DGA that were parked at Burnett County (KRZN) Airfield while we were on route to KOSH, the Mars fly by and GXLN getting refuelled at Burnett next to a Pipistrel Sinus (Experimental)


A closer look at one of the DGA that were on route as a Flight to Oshkosh.

Very impressive planes I must say.







  1. It was a great trip! Thanks for your wonderful planning and leadership. I learned a lot from you and had a great time. The pictures bring back some great memories. Thanks for taking the time to post!

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  2. Great pictures. sounds like a few more pilots are thinking about flinging there this year.
    This includes Doug T who is considering joining a gaggle (his words) of Piper Cub owners
    who want to fly to Oshkosh to celebrate the Cub’s 80th birthday.
    http://www.cubs2osh.eaachapter.org/ Lets talk at the next club’s meeting.

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