RAA’s O-235 Arrives in Langley

We received notes and picture from the museum in Langley saying that the engine arrived in one piece. Thank you Marc for doing such a great job in packing.

The plan worked…

RAA 4901 donated our O-235 to the Saskatoon Historical Society (a $ 5,000.00 donation)  The Historical Society loaned the O-235 to the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley for one of their planes participating in the Vimy Ridge events in France. At the end of the 9 month loan the group in Langley will either return the engine or buy it outright.

In return for lending the engine to Langley our Historical Society becomes one of the event sponsors and Saskatoon earns a stop on the Cross Canada flight of the planes that flew in France.

This is a Win Win Win chain of events

, Thank you to all our members……


One comment

  1. What an exciting adventure that engine is going to have. It’s like it was meant to be. A big thanks to you and the RAA team for making it happen!


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