Saskatchewan Aviation Museum Update:

The museum is full steam ahead. The shell of the building is out for tender and they hope to start construction in the next couple of months. There will be a notice going out shortly about a meeting next week in Martensville. We will have a representative from the museum talk about what is happening, they will be handing out books of lottery tickets to those who would like to sell them and there will be an opportunity to join the Saskatchewan Aviation Historical Society ($ 50.00 for a lifetime membership)

The society will be involved in several events at the airport this summer including Mitchinson’s Aviation Day May 28th, Millennium’s Aviation Day June 4th,

Volunteers are required for a telethon the Society is running on July 3rd . We will talk more about this at the meeting.

The good news is that going forward, there will be many opportunities for our clubs to be involved in activities at the museum. Come out to the meeting and get informed and involved. Meeting will be held May 26 19:00 in Martensville.

The Historical Society has created a documentary about the history of the Commonwealth flight training in Saskatchewan. Did you know that Saskatoon was the site of the first flight in Saskatchewan? Here is a link to the society’s site  on the home page there is a link to the documentary.



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