Club Fly-out to Kalispell by Murray Marien

We had a planning meeting and decided on Kalispell, Montana as a fly-out destination. The dates are May 14-15, 2016 with an alternate on May 22-23, 2016. This route gives us some experience with both cross border flights and mountain flying.

The proposed route:

  • May 14, 2016: Saskatoon – Lethbridge – Kalispell (Glacier Park International Airport)
  • May 15, 2016: Kalispell – Cranbrook (Canadian Customs) – High River – Saskatoon

We have five confirmed airplanes as of today. Six with mine.

We’ll probably have another meeting before we leave to finalize the route and make sure everyone is on the right track for crossing the border. Our planned rendezvous airport is in Lethbridge. If flyers from other clubs would like to join us, they can meet us there. It’s a short 45-60 minute flight to Kalispell from Lethbridge.

If anyone from other clubs are planning on coming a couple of things they need to do:

The customs sticker takes a couple of weeks to get here but as long as they have the confirmation email they’re good.

If there is interest from other clubs, and they are unsure of the cross border process I can meet with them to discuss the process and help with signing up for the the sticker and eAPIS. I’m open the next couple of weekends.


If you are interested in being part of this trip and missed the planning meetings or are from some of the other Saskatchewan clubs and would like to meet in Lethbridge, please reply to this post and I will forward your questions to Murray.


  1. Big thank you to Murray for organizing the Kalispell outing. We had a total of 5 airplanes. On the way down we all met up in Lethbridge after a smoky flight for final planing for US Customs. Kalispell customs wanted us to stagger our arrival so we staggered our departure form Lethbridge. the folks at Kalispell airport treated us very well. Murray arranged great accommodations at the Whitefish lodge for the night. Early morning flight up the valley to Cranbrook where we re entered Canada and stopped for a well deserved breakfast. At that point some planes flew up to Fairmont for a visit and some headed home via High River.

    All in all a great weekend. At the hands of Murray we learned a lot and spent some time getting to know a few new friends.
    If I can figure out how to post a few pictures I will.

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