Campaigning on a Moonlit Night

Did you know that snowmobiles can also be navigated with a GPS out of a Cessna? Yes, they can! And an ELT battery comes in pretty handy to power it too, especially when you choose to”fly” across the open fields of Saskatchewan to get to your Melfort COPA Flight 182 monthly meeting!

Melfort COPA Flight 182

Tuesday, February 23

The meeting was held at Miller Field – 2.6 nm west of Melfort. That’s where I was met by Doug Manley – and his novel Skidoo – outside the terminal building. Trent Rae and the rest of the members of Melfort’s Flight 182 soon arrived as well and the meeting got into full swing. The business was quickly dealt with and we began with my introduction and ideas for the  direction for Saskatchewan COPA flights. That turned into an interesting and fun discussion of many things aviation. It was terrific to see young Ryan Anderson there because his generation is what we need to be attracting to COPA. We could have talked a lot longer but some people had to move on after 9:30 so we did.

Shane at COPA Flight 182 Melfort 02:23:16
Melfort Flight 182 from l-r:  Doug Chisholm, Will Vanderbyl, Greg Phillips, Walter Dupin, Shane Armstrong, Ron Neilson and Trent Rae


Tisdale COPA Flight 93

Monday, February 22

My first campaign road trip actually started the night before, in Tisdale.  A big shout out to aviators from Tisdale COPA Flight 93!

From Tisdale I discovered that the local donut shop was Robins only after I brought Timbits to the meeting. OOpps. Despite my minor political faux pas and after a few laughs we shared a lot of ideas about our local Flights and what we might be able to do to strengthen our local ties  and national direction. Our numbers were small but it was fun meeting Richard, Mark, Bruce, John, and Flight Captain Charles McKenzie to swap some history (thanks John!) and stories.

Although the last two nights on the road were long, the moon was full and the road was clear. Meeting and getting to know the fellows from each of these two COPA flights was informative and valuable. I was warmly welcomed by everyone and I hope Saskatchewan COPA National members give me an opportunity to do my best to represent your ideas well on the National Board.


Voting for Saskatchewan COPA Director opens today – February 24 – and will close on April 4.

  • To vote electronically please log into the Members Only area on the COPA National site  by entering your username and password.
  • Then click on the words Members Area once you have put in your username and password.
  • Once that page opens, click on the Election: Candidate Background and Voting link to view the nominated candidate bios and to place your vote.
  • For a mail-in ballot, please contact the COPA Office.

What do you think of COPA and RAA joining together?






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